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This elite program is distinguished by Kim’s individual attention, expertise and experience.

A fusion experience is the best description for this program; with a perfect name that aligns with it: "Blissing Out in Bali at Serafini Mind Spa". passionate and purposeful...




At Serafini Mind Spa, we believe that permanent, empowering changes come about when we are GENTLE on ourselves... with loving self-talk.

We are here, for you, to be guiding hands and lights...



To reserve your exclusive place for the “Blissing Out in Bali” program at Serafini Mind Spa.

"A day with Kim gets me FIRED UP! She has a way of helping me to take massive action in a way that doesn't scare me. I just love her. I would encourage everyone to spend a day with Kim in coaching." Pamela, busy professional in IT, and mother of 3, Sydney, Australia".
"Blissing Out in Bali" is a powerful, personal development program devised for your PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION It's a playful, positive, profound and thought-provoking experience, together with pampering set in paradise with KIM SERAFINI