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About Kim Serafini

Kim Serafini is an internationally respected Australian; a "Manifestor" - according to ‘Human Design’; a versatile entrepreneur, bestselling author, world-class speaker, qualified Sports Therapist, former corporate high-flyer, and most importantly creator of the Enriching Visions Plus technology and founder of the i am gr8ful Club. She's living an enviable life and has also faced her fair share of serious trials, tribulations, heartbreaks and hopes. Kim is a Business School graduate who has reached the heady heights at the top of the Corporate Ladder in the area of Change Management in the field of Mergers & Acquisitions. She has many powerful personal experiences to share in order to help us all understand how we can make significant, long-lasting and successful changes so that we bounce back quickly, further develop resilience and overcome life’s challenges effectively with grace.


Kim, who is so very easy to relate to, extremely approachable and down to earth has lived and worked in over 5 regions of the world, visited 22 countries and at least 10 of the 50 U.S. states. She LOVES traveling, exploring new cultures and ideas while affectionately sharing her philosophy of positivity and gratitude… living up to her title of The Queen of Gratitude.The fabulous, fit and focused 40-year-old walks her talk; she role models the processes for opening to receive, surrender and living a life of everyday synchronicity and serendipity.

Kim demonstrates the courage to innovate and launch products in highly competitive market places during the tough times in economic history while encouraging EVERYONE in her community and her personal clients to do the same. Passionate about Positive Psychology and emotional wellbeing, Kim delights, inspires, and engages audiences around the world as she shares the power of being gr8ful in her every day life. A deeply loved, masterful coach and mentor she focuses on helping her clients around the world to increase incomes, produce profits (profiting energetically, spiritually, mentally & emotionally) and become financially successful & free with the intention of transforming dreams into reality while making a greater more positive contribution to themselves and others around the world.

Listen in and learn from her many beautiful, wise and insightful stories which will inspire, motivate and move you to heights you never dreamt possible. Kim is deeply committed to helping you to JUMP over the hurdles keeping you from experiencing a truly fulfilled life.

Throughout this week, as the angel she is, Kim will draw on her experiences in the emerging Spa Industry at the turn of the century. After leaving the “corporate world” and becoming a qualified Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer whilst still living in London, Kim devoted herself to creating one of the world’s most admired remedial massage treatments: Lithos Therapy. This extraordinary treatment, is now commonly known as “Hot Stone Massage”. However, Lithos Therapy is distinctive in the fact that the heated and chilled “stones” are actually spectacular hand-carved marble sculptures. Lithos Therapy is a treatment that is offered at such 5-star, luxury places like The Four Seasons Resort in Jimbaran Bay, Bali, Indonesia. Kim’s "Lithos Therapy Business" was a global one, and over many years she trained over 5,000 therapists and set up distributors in the Middle East, Asia, Australia & New Zealand. It was indeed a DEEP & PROFOUND spiritual journey for her! She also had a 'distribution model' of over 500 beauty salons & spas just in Australia alone. The "foundations" for her entrepreneurial life were about helping people to FEEL BETTER and improve their health & wellbeing. The Spa Industry became the springboard as she became engrossed in understanding the ROLE of our "thoughts & emotions" on the physical manifestation of aches & pain; including emotional pain and how to relieve it ourselves or even prevent it!