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Human Design.

Dear friends here in the iamgr8ful community :)

As I'm sure you agree... at various stages throughout our lives, we're plagued with:

            * Who Am I?
            * Why Am I Here?
            * What am I REALLY supposed to do with MY life ?!?!?!?!

Sure, most of us KNOW deep in our hearts & in the depths of our minds... that, BEING IN SERVCE / OF SERVICE and contributing on a grand scale to others' lives... positively... passionately... IS how we end up feeling satisfied, fulfilled... that what we do is MEANINGFUL... We all deserve to pursue activities that allow us to FOLLOW OUR BLISS.

We are precious, unique, STUNNING, gorgeous human beings... who all have SPECIAL aspects to us... because of when & where we were born, to whom... the environment we grew up in...

But, what if there was a way to understand more clearly & more quickly WHO you are...

            - your true nature, your essence...
            - your potential...
            - your natural ways of being, that empower you naturally

so that you could leverage the person you were MEANT TO BE... doing what you're on this earth to DO now ?!?!

Wouldn't that be:
            - exciting!!!
            - freeing!!!
            - a relief?

I would love for you to be buzzing with anticipation & enthusiasm about your purpose! And one way to understand more fully yourself and your destiny is to experience a Human Design Consultation with Dr Burry Foss.

Questions about ourselves help us to DIVE deeply, feeling FREE to swim weightlessly... into selfreflection, further awareness, expanded spiritual options, new pathways and hopefully personal awakenings.

A myriad of opportunities EXIST for each of all, ALL of the time. Knowing or understanding WHAT to do when, WHEN and WHY - and whether or not it's likely to be truly rewarding is IMPERATIVE.

As I am sure you realize as well, LIFE IS WAY TOOOOO SHORT, to be anything other than YOUR FULLSELF. I believe it's best that we find out WHO we are... our true, real selves - so that we can pursue paths that are MEANINGFUL for our authentic, natural selves! If you are SEEKING to know yourself better, read on and take advantage of this! A special opportunity, and a special price for those in our iamgr8ful community!

If you've been feeling a little or A LOT LOST - then please explore "Human Design" !! Or, more particularly, experience a REMARKABLE consultation with Dr Burry Foss. If you're feeling that you'd like to explore more, right now, click here.

If you want to make some decisions or CHOOSE in favour of DOING something with your life that's WORTHWHILE - then being guided by your Human Design is imperative.

HOW wonderful it is to be HONEST when saying:

i am gr8ful for me

all of me. what is. now.

the TRUE, real me.

In the past couple of months, I have spent some more time with Dr Burry Foss... who is a PhD in "Engineering" from Carnegie-Mellon Uni (many years ago)... talking about the 'value' of HIS Human Design Readings - truly amazing 'consultations'...

I REMEMBER what he told me in December 2010, and it has INFORMED me in various, serious situations over the past year or two. What I learned has SERVED ME WELL... it has saved me from some 'mental torture' AND, yet, just recently I can say I've needed to re-visit my Human Design Reading.

Reviewing, in order for me to REMEMBER, my Human Design has been valuable!

So, because I've had a consultation with Dr Burry Foss, and I've caught up with him again, I can share just how important one of these 'sessions' IS.

I went to visit Burry along with Jane Walker from "Grandma's Rules". Jane is qualified to do "Talent Dynamics Profiles" - and for a 'lay person' these 'ways to understand ourselves better' may seem similar but also very different. I knew Jane would give me her 'take' on Human Design & how it can complement "Talent Dynamics"...


KNOWING - really knowing - WHO we TRULY are... our 'real selves' - our natural strengths... what we are
MEANT TO DO to harness the 'best aspects of ourselves' ... following a pathway that gets us to
experience FLOW... is actually an exquisite experience.

FEELING more peaceful... because of this knowing is the REAL prize for me!

Understanding MORE about our 'genetic pre-dispositions' as well as our 'experiences that shape us' - I
think SAVES us from 'wondering' what's the BEST course of action for our LIVES so that we DO what is
fulfilling, satisfying, rewarding, meaningful... and WILL allow us to feel like our TIME is well spent! I think
it also guides us towards 'how to' be our BEST... ways we can 'bring out the best parts of ourselves' in the
service of others...

It's sooo nice celebrating the REAL ME... me-ness. JUST ME.

Allowing myself to to just BE ME.

In my management consulting days in the BIG corporates I dealt with LOTS of fancy organizational psychologists and 'experts' who flaunted all sorts of 'personality profiling' etc...

NOTHING COMES CLOSE to what I 'feel' about the effectiveness of Human Design... and in particular the WAY that Dr Foss delivers his understanding of YOU and YOUR Human Design.

Sure, there are other 'systems' that provide 'profiles' that are GREAT and can 'support' what you find out about yourself in Human Design... BUT - I think this is an 'essential starting' point...

One of my missions is to ensure that I introduce EVERYONE I come in contact with to Human Design... and encourage them to have a consultation with Burry ASAP.

I HIGHLY recommend one of Dr Foss's special HD readings for EVERYONE... sooner, rather than later !!!
I'm sure you can FEEL my support of his special talent!

Go here or, to the link below & to read more & watch short videos of me interviewing Chetan & Burry... and to also see the special 'deal' for iamgr8ful...


The 'consultations' happen over Skype & are recorded...

It's all about "your personality" and your "potential" - and it's a very powerful experience...

AND - I think it's a rather extraordinary system that I'd like to get much more heavily involved in!

I can see that almost ALL parents of children - from 10-12 years & up really would benefit A LOT from
understanding in much more specific detail a child's human design...

I encourage you ALL to go & take a look and PLAN your own! Organize for yourself a special opportunity
to Skype with Burry...

When you're 'done' with your INCREDIBLE consultation with Burry (easy via Skype from anywhere in the
world) - if you want me to 'help' with a 'extra report' about "YOUR type, profile etc" and YOUR particular
gates, based on Chetan's book - then I'm happy to offer a further or additional consultation. Let me
know :) (dance) This is a LIMITED TIME bonus! xox


Deepak Chopra Presentation from Palomar TV on Vimeo.


The presentation (above) is SUPURB !!! I mean, VITAL for our 'increased & improved awareness, or
enlightenment or knowledge' for TODAY...

Pay particular attention as Deepak talks about HOW important it is to KNOW ourselves... and one of the 7
Spiritual Laws of Success - DHARMA...

I'm sure you'll be inspired even further, to get your appointment with Dr Burry Foss scheduled...

Find out about your Human Design from an AMAZING MAN... who is actually soooooo wise it nearly bowls me over! It sure makes my jaw drop... The WAY that HE (yes, Burry specifically) interprets the ORIGINAL texts about Human Design make him one of the world's TREASURES... the way he shares with you WHAT your potential IS, and how to harness it and how to benefit from being AUTHENTIC, in alignment, TRUE TO YOURSELF... well, what a TREAT !!!

Here's what a few others have to say:

Click here to start your journey with Dr Burry Foss now.

Here's to you discovering your Human Design. I'll look forward to connecting with you about it :)

Much love, Kim