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Lithos Therapy

Combine deep relaxation with positive results

What is Lithos Therapy™?

A blissful, sensory journey that delights. Lithos Therapy™ uses heated and chilled marble sculptures as therapeutic instruments to enhance and prolong the benefits of health and beauty treatments for the body, face, hands and feet.

What's Unique about Lithos Rocks?

Each rock sculpture is an instrument made of marble. Hand crafted and highly polished to suit individual muscles and areas of the body; each piece feels silky smooth and glides effortlessly. Lithos Therapy™ uses the very best rocks for absorbing, retaining and releasing contrasting temperatures.

Why experience Lithos Therapy™?

It's healing...
The application of heated and chilled rock sculptures stimulates your circulation,encouraging the flow of blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients which accelerates healing. Applying heated rocks to sore muscles eases tension, alleviates stiffness and increases flexibility. The chilled rocks reduce inflammation and swelling.

It's cleansing...
The gentle weight of each rock combined with massage, pushes toxins out of the muscles and into the lymphatic system to assist in eliminating metabolic waste.

It's preventative...
Lithos Therapy™ encourages the release of endorphins. When incorporated into a regular health and fitness program, Lithos treatments improve the integrity of soft tissue (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) reducing the likelihood of injury. Lithos helps to increase the elasticity of collagen fibres in tendons, promoting greater flexibility.

It's beneficial...
When used in a facial or body wrap, heated Lithos rock instruments open your pores encouraging the release of toxins and the penetration of active ingredients. The chilled rock instruments calm the skin by reducing redness. This antiinflammatory effect is ideal for people with acne or psoriasis. The chilled rock instruments are ideal for soothing the skin after extractions or waxing. A combination of heated and chilled rocks can also help to reduce puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

What will help Lithos Therapy™ relieve?

- painful joints or muscles - mental or physical fatigue - depression or mood swings
- fluid retention - arthritic symptoms - stress or anxiety - insomnia - digestive problems - jet lag - lethargy - headaches - sunburn

- acne - psoriasis - coupe rose - rosacea - puffy eyes - premature ageing

"The heated rocks are wonderfully warm! They sooth the soul."

"The chilled rocks are refreshing! They clear the mind."

A Lithos treatment leaves you feeling relaxed, balanced and grounded - regular treatments will deliver the vitality you deserve and the energy you desire.

When booking an appointment, please advise if you have any health issues or concerns relating to your health, any injuries, if you are pregnant, taking any medication or receiving any other treatment from a medical or health professional.

Before your Lithos Therapy™ treatment?

* Your Certified Lithos Therapist will conduct a thorough consultation including a review of your medical history, assessment of your current health and lifestyle, plus discuss what your desired outcome is for this treatment.

* Your Certified Lithos Therapist will carefully explain the treatment, procedure,benefits and safety considerations.

* Make sure you explain why you've chosen this treatment, what results you would like for the treatment and where you would like the therapists to concentrate their time and energy.

* We recommend you drink plenty of water before a Lithos Therapy treatment.

During your Lithos Therapy™ treatment?

* Lithos rock instruments are strategically placed on your body to prepare that area for an effective, efficient and enjoyable experience.

* Whilst the heated and chilled rocks are preparing your body for treatment, your therapist will massage other areas with oiled rocks that glide through the muscles.

* Infusing heat into your muscles enables your therapist to work more deeply.

* Chilled rock instruments help to ensure this treatment is more powerful.

* Essential oils may be applied to the heated rocks to produce healing aromas.

* During your treatment, feel free to give your therapist feedback to help them provide you with a more effective treatment.

* Please tell your therapist if the temperature of the rocks needs adjusting, or if any rocks need to be moved or removed.

After your Lithos Therapy™ treatment?

* After your Lithos Therapy™ treatment it's important to sip at least 2 litres of water over the next 24 hours.

* If you have any positive or negative comments about your experience do not hesitate to discuss these with your therapist directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during a Lithos massage?

A light cotton cloth is draped over the entire body. Heated and chilled rocks are then strategically placed on your back and in your hands in preparation for a more efficient, effective and enjoyable massage. Your therapist will start by massaging your feet and legs with rock instruments that have been coated with aromatic oils. The rock instruments are then removed from your back enabling your Lithos therapist to massage your back, neck and should muscles.

You will then be asked to roll onto your back. Heated and chilled rocks are strategically placed on your face, in between your toes, on your torso and around your shoulders. Your therapist then massages your legs, arms, hands followed by your décolleté area, shoulder, neck and face.

Your Lithos massage is complete when all the heated and chilled rocks have been removed. You should feel the results, immediately.

Why use both heated and chilled rock sculptures?

Lithos Therapy™ used heated rocks to infuse heat into your muscles which helps to relax knotted muscle fibres enabling your therapist to work more deeply. It is said that one massage stroke with a heated rock instrument is equivalent to 10 strokes with just the hand.

Chilled rocks help to set your muscle fibres which should now be free from knots and tension. They also have a powerful, anti-inflammatory effect. A full body massage involves the use of over 70 pieces - heated and chilled.

What if the rocks are too hot or cold?

Everyone has a different reaction to temperatures. Please tell your therapist if the temperature needs adjusting. It should feel comfortable at all times.

Who is your Lithos Therapist?

A qualified, knowledgable and experienced therapist who has undertaken extensive training and is now certified by Lithos Therapy and has completed the quality assessment and coaching program.

What should I wear for your Lithos massage?

We request you remove all of your garments except underwear for your massage. The areas of your body that are not being massaged are covered with a light cotton cloth to ensure your comfort and protect your modesty.